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Words used in this Terms and Conditions unless the context requires otherwise, shall have meanings as prescribed here under.

LA FABULOSO: means the La Fabuloso photo/ film studio and includes its Owners, Partners, Employees and agents.

LA FABULOSO Premises: means the estate of La Fabuloso at Sanand and Ahmedabad and also includes other sites, location and places where shooting is done by the La Fabuloso.

CLIENTS: means any person dealing with La Fabuloso in terms of business and services at La Fabuloso like the shoot model or couple or the photographers and the accompanied members.

GUESTS: People/ friends/ family members accompanied with the client.

PROPS & MACHINERIES: means and includes all movable and fixed equipment’s, vehicles, lights, machines and other such material provided by La Fabuloso.

MANAGEMENT TEAM: means the on-field management team at La Fabuloso.



  1. Customer’s booking is confirmed only on the receipt of advance payment of the provided package.
  2. Payments is to be made to La Fabuloso’s account. Cash payments are accepted at our office at premises or shoot premises against proper discharge. Payment in cash to any outside agency or Employee of La Fabuloso without formal receipt shall not be entertained by the management team.
  3. Bookings are transferable.
  4. The charges are NOT inclusive of taxes which shall be payable by the client.


  1. Re-scheduling that is postponement or preponement of booking date can be done if intimated one month prior and is subject to availability of the new schedule.
  2. In case of cancellation La Fabuloso is liable to give the token amount received only if the client has informed one month prior the shoot date.
  3. Refund or cancellation shall be done between one month from the cancelled date.
  4. Government charges is not refundable on booking cancellations.


  1. Any extra set apart from the package would be chargeable of 5000/-.
  2. If client wants an extra hour above the given time frame extra charge of 2000/- per hour is applicable.
  3. If the client enters the premises late or starts the shoot late the client has only the expired time remaining from the package timings.
  4. Any kind of damage to the property would be fined and La Fabuloso has all the rights to stop the shoot if required.
  5. Extra room if needed would be provided as per availability which is on chargeable basis of 2000/-.
  6. Smoke machine, Bubble machine and snow machine would be provided for 15 minutes per shoot if needed 300rs would be charged for another 15 minutes.


  1. If there is any special requirement or creativity to be added , the client has to inform prior so the management team could get enough time to create the theme with the available props and if the set up requires extra props other than the available props then the team would manage it if possible, also extra charges would be applicable on it.
  2. The client can use only one set at a time irrespective of models or couples.
  3. Guest or people can come to visit only after the confirmation from the head office, direct visitors for recci won’t be entertained by the management.
  4. Shoot would be allowed to start at the shoot date only after the completion of entire payment.
  5. Only 2 guests are allowed with the clients per shoot.
  6. La Fabuloso reserves all the rights to use photos and videos shot at our premises to use it for their promotional and marketing purpose without any formal written permission from the client or the photographer once released.
  7. La Fabuloso premises is under CCTV surveillance but any kind of loss or damage with the clients property La Fabuloso would not be liable.
  8. The customer shall follow security guidelines by the on field management team.
  9. Consumption of Alcohol, chewing of tobacco and gutka in our premises is strictlyprohibited.
  10. The moment shooting starts would be considered as the client accepts all the above terms and conditions.
  11. Makeup artist is available at 6000/- per shoot and has to be informed prior for booking so as to check the availaibility.


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On field Management
Higher Management
Makeup Artist